SMS Collection 3

Zindagi ek Gift hai (Kabool kijiye)
Zindagi ek Ehsaas hai (Mehsoos kijiye)
Zindagi ek Dard hai (Bant lijiye)
Zindagi ek Pyass hai (Pyar dijiye)
Zindagi ek Milan hai (Muskra lijiye)
Zindagi ek Judai hai (Sabr kijiye)
Zindagi ek Aansu hai (Pee lijiye)
Zindagi akhir zindagi hai
Ise har haal mein jee lijiye
Kitne din ho gaye

Kitne Hafte gujar gaye

Baat mahino tak bhi chali gayee

Ab saal bhi ho jayega

Ab to kehna mano


Zid na karo aaj to

Naha Lo….
Khafa ho ya koi gham hai
Number kho gaya ya balance kam hai,
Bhejo SMS agar Dam hai
Ya phir maan gaye ke SMS ke BADSHAH hum hai.
A true and caring relation doesn’t have to speak loud,
A soft SMS is just enough to express the heartiest feelings…
Rishte aur Raste 1 sikke ke 2 pehlu hote hai..
Kabhi Rishte nibhate-nibhate Raste badal jate hai..
Kabhi Raste pe chalte-chalte Rishte ban jate hai.
There is no limit of God’s love;
No measure of his grace;
His power knows no boundaries and
His blessings are endless.
May God be with you always.
Neil Armstrong lands on Moon & sees 2 men..
Asks them : Who are you?
They Replied :
Cameraman Santosh ke saath Deepak Chourasiya..
Aaj Tak! Sabse Tez.
Gold rate keeps increasing day by day..
I’m worried about you..
You should be very careful,
Someone may kidnap you,
Because You are 24 carat golden heart person.


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